We are a Mindful Holistic Whole Brain Developmental Children's Educational Organization created to promote opening social and emotional awareness and educational play in a stress-free, balanced, nature-focused environment.

Whether you incorporate this into your current homeschooling regiment, use it as an enrichment to your regular school schedule or you are using this as your main guidepost to start from, we are here to assist or guide you with suggestions to help you achieve the best learning outcomes and goals for your child to develop their character, their mind, their heart, and their sense of balance in the natural world!

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Brien Egan

Special Education Teacher, Alternative School Specialist

Hi, I’m Brien Egan.

My wife Amy and I started Free Range Children to create and promote open-minded, social and emotional awareness and educational play in a free stress, balanced, nature focused environment with our Mindful Holistic Whole Brain Developmental Children's Programming.

We have 5 children together we are raising and I have been a teacher in various alternative, public and private educational settings for the past 20 years. I am a Special Education Teacher certified k-12 for emotional disabilities and specific learning disabilities and have my BS in Psychology with a minor in Special Education.

I also designed and have run a kids spirituality summer camp for 11 years teaching children many quantum physics, social and emotional awareness, leadership skills, spiritual concepts, meditation and mindfulness practices.

"My kids have participated in your programs for MANY years and they have enjoyed the camps immensely! Thank you Brien, for providing such an outstanding opportunity for my children to grow mentally, physically and spiritually!"

Shelly LaBau Merritt-Myers